Benefits of Having a Wedding Planner

Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect and they take all the measures to ensure that it is the most beautiful day in their lives. Even the smallest and simplest weddings require a great deal of organization and it is better to hire a wedding planner who provides services that prepares the couple for the upcoming wedding and also organizes the largest elements of the wedding day.

A good and professional wedding planner gives you relief from all the stress. They help to plan weddings within your budget. The planners ensure that the weddings take place without any hitch. There are multiple reasons for hiring a wedding planner:


1. Ideas: An experienced wedding planner offers you with new and imaginative ideas to stage your wedding. He knows all the ways to efficiently utilize your budget and doesn’t make the common mistake that people usually do. You can turn to them at any point for advice and discuss with them to make sure that your wedding happens exactly the way you dreamt it to be.


2. Less work and stress: Wedding planners takes a lot of stress off your hands. He plans everything as per your wishes and adds his own imagination to make it even better. He also supervises everything on the wedding day so that you can focus on other important things. The wedding planners are aware of all the problems that can come up during the wedding and know ways to deal with them.


3. Connections: They also have connection with all the local services that are required for the wedding. They have contact with reception hall owners, caterers and other service providers and can get you discount for these services too. This saves you from the trouble of visiting different organizations for various wedding related issues.


4. Saves time and money: Professional wedding planners can arrange weddings in shortest time period and can get you good deals and discounts on various services. Budget remains a very important factor in every wedding and they make the best use of the given budget in planning the wedding.

The best wedding planners in Delhi are undoubtedly perfect as they help you to find out the exact wedding locations and also handle the negotiation process with vendors. They ensure that you remain within the budget and manage your accounts and due payments. Thus, you are rewarded with a less stressful wedding!

Book Best Banquet Hall in Delhi NCR

If you are planning to host a banquet, there are a whole bunch of things that you need to consider. Hiring a banquet hall in Delhi requires you to consider many important points like location, availability, price, available facilities, decorum, food quality, and guest capacity, parking etc. This is in fact only a partial list of the important things that you need to consider. For your ease, we have prepared an elaborate list based on our experience with banquet halls. You can download the list from our website. You can mark the points that are important for your occasion and use that final list as your check list while deciding the banquet hall for your occasion. Once you have marked the facilities you need, you must ensure that the banquet hall can provide all the facilities for you and your guests. It is highly recommended that you know the complete scope and details of your event before you approach the banquet hall. All banquet halls require third party services to successfully host a banquet for you like decoration, DJ, flowering, valet parking services etc. just to name a few. If you know the details of your requirements, it shall be helpful for you to negotiate a better deal with the banquet hall company and there shall be no “surprises” later.

Banquet Hall Rental : Things to Do

Unless you have organized many events already and pre-decided on a particular banquet hall, it is obvious that you start with more than one banquet halls in your area. Shortlist a few halls and ask for referrals from your family members, friends, relatives etc. If you get a positive reference for a banquet hall, go visit it to check if they have the availability on your event date, required capacity and prices within your budget. We recommend you that you insist on attending a live banquet, check the decoration, seating arrangement and food quality, taste and hygiene etc. You must insist of tasting the food. We shall be glad to offer you tasting session and check live banquets. Please can call us to check our next party date and fix a tasting session with us on a live banquet. Please also specify your event and veg / non veg preferences so we can invite you to the right banquet event. Typically starting with 5 banquet halls in your local area is a good start. It shall keep you from getting confused with the details that you start getting for each hall. You must visit and check the hall size and cost of each hall and request the list of all the services and menu options that they provide. We are providing you all the relevant details about our banquet hall on our site. Please feel free to call us on: +91 8826225533

Banquet Hall Rental Services:

The cost is one of the most important factors while deciding the banquet hall. You must know all the services provided by the banquet halls and their prices. Typically, it costs less to hire the services through the banquet halls as they have pre-negotiated bulk rates with 3rd party vendors. But if budget is not an issue, you can very well bring in your own contacts. But one thing you must consider is that some banquet halls do not provide this as an option. They only offer and promote their own services and vendors only.
When you are searching a banquet hall suitable for your special event, you should know the complete range of services that banquet hall provides and how much each service shall cost. Most banquet halls provide their own catering service. If you are planning a catered event, you would like to check all the menu options offered by the banquet hall. Every banquet hall offers a minimum of 2-3 types of menus under veg and non veg categories. These menus vary based on the range of cuisines and variety of dishes served in the multi–course meal and they sometimes vary greatly your budget as well. You may check our menus below. You can also download our menus by clicking over the menus given below: Veg. Gold Diamond Platinum Non Veg. Gold Diamond Platinum Many banquet halls also include a bar and bartenders as serving staff if you want to serve alcohol at your event.

Hire an Event Organizer for a Banquet Hall Rental:

As discussed earlier you now know that there are several important factors to be considered for booking a banquet hall and there may be a range of other services to be arranged to make your special event a success. You may wish to hire an event manager or event management company. They generally ask / suggest for number of guests, possible menu options, live entertainment requirements, decorations and other services once you tell them your basic requirements for your special event. They can take the full responsibility and take care of the preparations for you. You can speak to our event manager at this number.

Trousseau Revived

Simple packing is no more the order of day. Bride trousseau is essential element of wedding. Trousseau packing add glitter to bride wedding. Gone the days when you could just gift wrap at home now gifts from an integral part of the Indian wedding.

Trousseau packing all by yourself for a wedding is inconvenient because its a time consuming procedure and time is something you are short during the busy wedding days. The level of perfection achieved by professional is difficult for you to bring about.
Today gifting is a gesture growing stronger with every moment passing by. Trousseau packing involves recognizing right material,keeping in mind the right color trends,weather and preferences and briefing from the client and the trick lies in how to use it exclusively. 

The art of gifting has not only brought everyone together but have also helped in creating ever lasting memories. A gift may be simple but the way it is presented lights up and brightens up every receiver. Innovative packing makes smallest of smallest gifts priceless. Team Venue In Delhi has experienced gift packaging staff that will give your gifts a marvelous and elegant look.  

Catering Affair

India has always been related with rich in vibrant colors, traditions an taste. Indian celebrations are mostly evaluated by the food served. Occasions are incomplete without a perfect platter in your plate. Unlike the restaurant industry must have style and flair but must do it on a grand scale.
Wedding menu feature exotic delicacies from all parts of the world. A good description about food and services makes individual to look forward and die to experience the mouth watering food. Food brings family together as most of guest meet each other near food counter. Wedding Catering presents unique  challenges most stemming from the fact that there are many uncontrollable factors business owners must deal with.

Any cuisine you name everyone have specialized chef to prepare dish. Live food stations are now included in catering so that guest can smell and see how food is made. The caterer can add flavor and excitement to its events by cooking simple but tasty dishes.

Elegant Jewelry in Wedding

Jewelry is one of the most precious elements in wedding which add the sparkle, twinkle and shine to the bride. Adoring oneself with jewelry is in the Indian roots . Indian weeding are celebrated with an absolute elegance and so fashion jewelry has a great impact on them.
Wedding are an integral part of Indian tradition. People spend without thinking to make the event a memorable one and there is separate budget for jewelry always. Latest trend is redesigning old jewelry and giving them a contemporary look. Bride always prefer a customized design embedded with kundan, polki, diamond and other colored stones. 
Indian wedding are influenced by the bollywood movies for instance Chokar neck piece, big naths and mangtika became trend in wedding after Jodha Akhbar movie. Antique gold is also gaining popularity among brides as it signifies royal legacy. 
Hence jewelry will remain with bride for lifetime so it must be chosen with great care.

Captivated Moments

Wedding day is the most awaited day for both bride and groom so its very important to capture that particular moment for them. These special moments they may render later. Photographs create thousands of memorable auspicious moments and gives personal approach to wedding style.

Life is once and so is your wedding. Highly professional camera are used to click pictures. These professional photographers gives best and perfect result to your important day.
Now days photographers not only capture pictures but also tell the complete story of celebrations. These stories starts from pre wedding functions and end with wedding function. Wedding day may fly but photographs and video promise to capture every thrilling, exciting, touching and joyous moments so that your special day last forever.

Make sure that your wedding is covered in different way so that it become unforgettable day of your life. Photographers capture your most treasured moments with utmost precision and aesthetics. 

Also its very important to tell your photographer about your customs and rituals. tell the photographer beforehand about the preferences regarding album setting. Last but not the least if you want some particular sound track or music incorporated in your wedding album, let the videographer know about it.

The importance of blooms in a wedding

Flowers are symbolic of freshness,
vitality and good wishes. Flowers can transform an occasion. You cannot imagine
a wedding without floral decorations. In
fact flowers have a language of their own to express emotions and sentiments.
Things which should be discussed in advance are the form of bouquets,
boutonniere and candelabra if you intend to have theme for your wedding. Flower
Arch in front of the entrance is also a common décor structure and are eye

During selection of flowers for
wedding one should take into consideration the wedding theme, layout of the
venue and the seasonal flowers. There were the days when marigold, rajnigandha,
jasmine and mogra used to be the favorites but now as the marriages become
trendier so are the combinations and arrangements adding color and fragrance to
the wedding. Exotic flowers like tulip, lilies, orchids, daisies etc have the
potential to add that wow factor for the wedding.
Some of the style ideas on how to
decorate your wedding venue with flowers are:
·    Main entrance :
As the name suggests this is the
first impression of your innovation. One need to take extra care while
designing the first look of one’s wedding. One can go in for a decent arch of contrasting
natural hues.
Passage :
Many wedding area have a small
passage from the entrance that leads to the main deck. This is one place where
more flowers can be required.
Wedding stage :
This is the most importance place of
the wedding. Based on your preference one might decide to go in for an
intricate all around floral arrangements or else go in for a combination of
fairy lights. It will make the occasion more refreshing.
Vedi (Mandap) :
In Indian wedding all the rituals that bound two souls together not for one life but for many took place here, and the surrounding of flower bring blessings form nature and god. 
Food counters :
Adding a few floral embellishments
will add a lot of hues to your celebrations. It can create a creative visual.
So we can say flower has power in
creating a wedding beautiful and different. 
We at ensure to
make every bit of your wedding memorable.

Farmhouse Wedding Venue in Delhi : Make it Big with Venue In Delhi

Delhi has plethora of  Farmhouses for Wedding in Delhi but one just needs to have a stringent focus for searching out the most suitable one. An advice of the expert can help you out in the best of ways.
As soon as the wedding date gets decided, the first thing that hits the mind of every individual is the venue. There is no doubt to say that there are endless wedding venues in Delhi but when everyone has a different choice, getting one accordingly is a difficult thing. In India, the Hindu mythology plays a vital role in wedding issues. From the date of marriage till the time of Doli; everything is decided keeping in mind the Hindu traditions. And as a result of this, there are few particular dates only when thousands and thousands of weddings takes place every year. This results in a heavy booking. Considering this facet of Indian weddings, it is always advised to book the venue well in advance. After all, it is always better to be earlier rather than being late.
Now the point is that what type of a venue to choose. In Delhi, when people from different classes, religions and caste exist, everyone has a different taste and budget. Keeping this in mind, several banquets, wedding halls and Farmhouses for Wedding in Delhi have been opened in all the areas of the city. But if you are looking forward to celebrate your wedding in a grand way then the best thing to make it big, is to choose a farmhouse in Delhi for your wedding venue. On the outskirts of the city, there were huge lands lying vacant which now have been renovated into exclusive farmhouses. With huge lawns around there is a banquet hall also so that proper arrangements could be made for all season’s weddings.
Wedding Farmhouses, Delhi not only provide you with huge spaces to accommodate big numbers of guests but also let you celebrate your wedding in a charming and extravagant way. Though the construction and designing of these farmhouses is such that it involuntarily brings a charismatic feel to the overall event but if you hire a specialized wedding planner then extra glamour could be added. Yes, wedding planners in Delhi have a team of experienced and expert artists who specialize in their individual art forms and aims to do their job in a different way every time. From decoration, lighting to food and entertainment; everything can be easily planned for marriage farmhouses in Delhi. The budget might surpass your expectations but then the wedding is a one-time moment in everyone’s life and therefore it has to be special and a memorable one.

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue in Delhi NCR

Once the marriage has been fixed after finding the suitable
match, the hunt for the desired venue should start. It is necessary to find a
good venue for the ceremony. Wedding day being special and memorable in one’s
life, one should aim to select a wedding venue that suits the occasion best
within the budget.
It is necessary to make a deliberate and wise decision and
not decide the venue in a hurry. It is better to search for a wedding venue in
advance as it sometimes becomes difficult to get a good one at short notice. In
modern times, with a high demand for venues, it is considered advisable to book the same well in advance, sometimes as much as six months earlier to avoid
disappointment and compromising on selection
The wedding venue should be decided keeping in mind the
requirement based on the number of people expected to attend the wedding. The
parking space should also be an important consideration while selecting a
wedding venue. Budget should also be an important consideration while making a
choice. The wedding venue should preferably be centrally located for
convenience of the guests, and if possible, within close proximity to the
bride/bridegrooms residence.
Essential features:
The wedding venue should be selected to best suit the
wedding. It could be decorated using various themes and color combinations and
accessories. Nowadays unique wedding venues can be selected for holding a
wedding ceremony. People select various exquisite wedding venues like beaches,
lawns, gardens, etc. The venue selected should be best suited to the wedding
theme and the budget.
With the help of guest will easily get the best choice of venues on their available dates, based on the number of guest expected to attend the wedding, in your preferred location in Delhi NCR, and according to your theme and budget. This team ease out your search of wedding venues in delhi ncr with their expertise. 

Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist is here

Planning a wedding?
Phew! Definitely one of the grandest events of one’s life; but
planning it with absolute no glitches, is
impossible. Ask anyone who is married, and they’ll have numerous tales as to
what went wrong, how an alternate way was found at the last moment, so on and
so forth. But of course, what’s a wedding without these tales, right? To make
the process of wedding planning easy and systematic,
has prepared a comprehensive checklist. Feel free to use and distribute it
amongst anybody who is getting married. We are sure your life will be much
12+ months to your wedding
(a)        Time
to start getting organized 
(b)        Envision
your wedding style (save as many photos from wherever possible!)
(c)        Talk
and finalize budget 
(d)        Wedding
announcement (to the near and dear ones)
(e)        Envision
wedding dress (brides, it’s never too early!)
(f)         Start
researching on Jewelry designs 
(g)        Time
to groom yourself into wedding day shape (eat right, start working out)
(h)        Start
your research on the caterers

9-11 months to your wedding
(a)        Scout
venues until you find the perfect one 
(b)        Look
for the wedding priest
(c)        Start
buying your jewelry
(d)        Start
making the guest list and finalize it
(e)        Start
shopping for your wedding trousseau
(f)         Time
to sign the catering contract
(g)        Look
for DJs/live bands/lighting, etc.
(h)        Set
up appointments with the florist
(i)         Envision
your wedding invitation and other stationery
(j)         Start
your research on wedding photographers/videographers

6-8 months to your wedding
(a)        Finalize
and hire the photographer
(b)        Book
your honeymoon (if it is not a gift from somebody)
(c)        Start
your research on makeup trends/hairstyles
(d)        Book
your DJ and other entertainment
(e)        Prepare
for outstation guests/Block rooms in hotels or guesthouses
(f)         Order
your wedding dress
(g)        Finalize
and order the wedding invitations
(h)        Book
your wedding night hotel room
(i)         Time
to address the invitations

2-3 months to your wedding
(a)        Start
a regular beauty regimen (manicures, facials, hair spa etc.)
(b)        Decide
on wedding favors
(c)        Gather
documents (overseas honeymoon)
(d)        Indulge
in lingerie and other under-the-dress essentials
(e)        Schedule
dress fittings and confirm delivery date
(f)         Arrange
transportation facilities
(g)        Send
out the invitations (outstation guests first)

6 weeks to your wedding
(a)        Work
out every detail of the ceremony
(b)        Figure
out all accessories 
(c)        Confirm
the hotel reservations for outstation guests
(d)        Have
your first dress fitting
(e)        Make
a hairstyle trial appointment
(f)         Final
dress fitting

3-4 weeks to your wedding
(a)        Have
makeup/hair trials
(b)        Finish
up all loose ends
(c)        Confirm
honeymoon/wedding night reservations
(d)        If
changing your name, work on the paperwork
(e)        Get
a final haircut, if necessary
(f)         Pick
up your wedding dress

1-2 weeks to your wedding
(a)        Confirm
with all the vendors
(b)        Give
a call to all close relatives
(c)        Shop
and pack for the honeymoon
(d)        Confirm
all final payment amounts
(e)        Get
a final beauty treatment (manicure, pedicure, waxing)
(f)         Leave
a copy of your honeymoon itinerary in case of an emergency
(g)        Assign
someone to take care of your wedding gifts and cash
(h)        Confirm
wedding day beauty appointment

Day before your wedding
(a)        Pull
together a last-minute emergency kit
(b)        Get
as much sleep as you can

Day of your wedding
(a)        Thank
your parents and tell them that you love them
(b)        Relax,
smile and enjoy the day 
Team VenueInDelhi is
always with you in completing your checklist and wishes you a great new phase
of your life.