Book Best Banquet Hall in Delhi NCR

If you are planning to host a banquet, there are a whole bunch of things that you need to consider. Hiring a banquet hall in Delhi requires you to consider many important points like location, availability, price, available facilities, decorum, food quality, and guest capacity, parking etc. This is in fact only a partial list of the important things that you need to consider. For your ease, we have prepared an elaborate list based on our experience with banquet halls. You can download the list from our website. You can mark the points that are important for your occasion and use that final list as your check list while deciding the banquet hall for your occasion. Once you have marked the facilities you need, you must ensure that the banquet hall can provide all the facilities for you and your guests. It is highly recommended that you know the complete scope and details of your event before you approach the banquet hall. All banquet halls require third party services to successfully host a banquet for you like decoration, DJ, flowering, valet parking services etc. just to name a few. If you know the details of your requirements, it shall be helpful for you to negotiate a better deal with the banquet hall company and there shall be no “surprises” later.

Banquet Hall Rental : Things to Do

Unless you have organized many events already and pre-decided on a particular banquet hall, it is obvious that you start with more than one banquet halls in your area. Shortlist a few halls and ask for referrals from your family members, friends, relatives etc. If you get a positive reference for a banquet hall, go visit it to check if they have the availability on your event date, required capacity and prices within your budget. We recommend you that you insist on attending a live banquet, check the decoration, seating arrangement and food quality, taste and hygiene etc. You must insist of tasting the food. We shall be glad to offer you tasting session and check live banquets. Please can call us to check our next party date and fix a tasting session with us on a live banquet. Please also specify your event and veg / non veg preferences so we can invite you to the right banquet event. Typically starting with 5 banquet halls in your local area is a good start. It shall keep you from getting confused with the details that you start getting for each hall. You must visit and check the hall size and cost of each hall and request the list of all the services and menu options that they provide. We are providing you all the relevant details about our banquet hall on our site. Please feel free to call us on: +91 8826225533

Banquet Hall Rental Services:

The cost is one of the most important factors while deciding the banquet hall. You must know all the services provided by the banquet halls and their prices. Typically, it costs less to hire the services through the banquet halls as they have pre-negotiated bulk rates with 3rd party vendors. But if budget is not an issue, you can very well bring in your own contacts. But one thing you must consider is that some banquet halls do not provide this as an option. They only offer and promote their own services and vendors only.
When you are searching a banquet hall suitable for your special event, you should know the complete range of services that banquet hall provides and how much each service shall cost. Most banquet halls provide their own catering service. If you are planning a catered event, you would like to check all the menu options offered by the banquet hall. Every banquet hall offers a minimum of 2-3 types of menus under veg and non veg categories. These menus vary based on the range of cuisines and variety of dishes served in the multi–course meal and they sometimes vary greatly your budget as well. You may check our menus below. You can also download our menus by clicking over the menus given below: Veg. Gold Diamond Platinum Non Veg. Gold Diamond Platinum Many banquet halls also include a bar and bartenders as serving staff if you want to serve alcohol at your event.

Hire an Event Organizer for a Banquet Hall Rental:

As discussed earlier you now know that there are several important factors to be considered for booking a banquet hall and there may be a range of other services to be arranged to make your special event a success. You may wish to hire an event manager or event management company. They generally ask / suggest for number of guests, possible menu options, live entertainment requirements, decorations and other services once you tell them your basic requirements for your special event. They can take the full responsibility and take care of the preparations for you. You can speak to our event manager at this number.