Tips to Select Right Banquet Halls!

Whenever we think of renting a venue that could offer all our desired facilities at weddings, parties and other types of social occasions we think of banquet halls. Each banquet hall in Delhi is different from one another making them unique and different. Some are theme based whereas some could be classified on the basis their classy interiors!

While selecting banquet halls you need to consider their size and location in order to keep certain factors in minds when you plan on booking yourself one:-

1. Rules and Restrictions: There are some venues that have strict policies when it comes to decorating, catering or using the kitchen facilities. So make sure that you are aware of what you can and cannot do before signing any rent document.

2. Features: See to it that the selected banquet hall offers you a location near by, the size you were looking for, availability, parking space and much in order to hire them. Also make sure to go through the detailed facilities of the banquet hall online.


3. Catering availability : Find out if you will need to order from the kitchen at the hall or whether you must hire outside caterers for your event. If you are to use the venue’s kitchen, ask to take a look at the menu.


4. Handicap access : Not all halls are wheelchair-accessible. If you have a guest coming to your event who is confined to a wheelchair, you need to pick a venue that will be accommodating to this person’s needs.


5. Viewings : Once you are satisfied with the information and their facilities you desired, make sure to schedule an appointment with potential banquet hall owners! Visit as many banquet halls as you see fit. While at each location, take a look at the kitchen and the washrooms to ensure that they are clean and are well sized for your requirements.


6. Deposit : Once you make your final decision, you will be required to put down a deposit to hold the hall. For most banquet halls, you should be given a window of two to three weeks before the deposit will need to be collected.

Tips like these could help you choose one of the best banquet halls in Delhi and help you conduct weddings, parties and other types of social occasions with their help!

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