Tips to Choose a Wedding Reception Venue

A wedding reception venue is as important as a wedding venue. Many of your relatives and friends who were not able to attend your marriage would come and attend your reception to participate in joy. In such a scenario, you can expect people to attend your reception in large numbers.

Like any other event of your wedding, your reception should also be planned in advance. This would also include searching the best wedding reception venue as well. So here are some tips which could help you choose one of the best wedding reception venues in Delhi:

Location your priority – The first thing to take into account when choosing a wedding location is that there are likely to be two parts of your wedding to organize – the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. So make sure that your location is close enough for both your partner and you to reach in time and let’s not forget traffic is not even an option to get stuck up on your wedding day!

Whether it is a sit-down or stand-up wedding reception – A formal meal will obviously require more space than a stand-up buffet, so a venue with a seated capacity of 100 might well be able to accommodate 200 for a canape reception.

Number of guests you invite at the reception – It may sound obvious but many venues will not be able to magic up extra space from nowhere if you add 20 extra guests at the last minute. You should have a good idea of numbers before you start looking at venues.

Always check your dates – The date of your wedding will also play a part in finding your perfect wedding reception venue. If you’re getting married at a popular time of year, then you might have to compromise on the venue. Alternatively you might want to change the date of your wedding in order to get the venue you want.

Does your selected venue offer customized facilities? – The wedding menu you choose has to be special, so you’ll want to make sure that it caters to all your guests. Some of your guests may have food allergies or have other special requirements. You’ll need to make sure that the venue can accommodate your food requirements.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be well on your way towards finding the best wedding reception venues in Delhi  that will be the best possible place to host your dream reception. Happy hunting!

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